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Are You Just a Neighbor, or a Just Neighbor?


Several times in the Bible we are told to love our neighbor in a very practical way. In fact, the parable of the Good Samaritan is immediately preceded with the question, “and who is my neighbor?” This parable perhaps suggests the broadest definition of who our neighbor is by inferring I think, that everyone is our neighbor, no matter who they are – and they all should be treated compassionately.


Fast forward this lesson to the 21st century here in Southern New Hampshire. Family Promise of Greater Nashua at Anne-Marie House on Lowell Road in Hudson offers the community a real “hands on” opportunity to love our neighbor families (with minor-age children) experiencing homelessness. As a 24-bedroom transitional housing program, we provide around-the-clock accommodations with volunteer “hosts” who prepare meals, tutor our guests, maintain the facility, raise funds, play with our kids, provide transportation to appointments or utilize whatever your skill or passion may be! Our program provides an environment free from domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness.


Won’t you consider widening your circle of compassionate caring to include your neighbors at Anne-Marie House?



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